DNA Forensics activity:

We will be using Gel Electrophoresis to determine the suspect DNA. On the team page, create a picture or take a picture of your stained gel, and discuss the suspect who is guilty (be sure to explain why). Discuss whether the father in the autorad at the bottom of this page is actually the father and why.

DNA Electrophoresis #1 (father DNA is in the #1 section)
In this experiment child #2 does not have the same father

DNA #5
In this experiment, we could determind that child 2 and child 4 do not have the same DNA as the father.

DNA Electrophoresis #2
Melissa, Devon, Jenna, and Jade
The children have the same DNA has their father and mother in this experiment, although we did not get child number 4. That could possibly mean that child 4 doesn't have the same DNA as the rest.

DNA Electrophoresis #4

Child #2 was changed to 5 and Child # 3 was changed to 4. We didn't get to do Child #1.

Go to the following website, follow the simulation, and answer the questions below:


What is in the liquid in the small plastic tube (vial)?
Can DNA be seen under a microscope?
What procedure are we going to use to measure the DNA strands? What other molecules can be measured with the same procedure?
What is the purpose of the gel?
How do we make the DNA move during the procedure?
Describe the difference between how far the short and long strands of the DNA move?
Since DNA is colorless, how do we make it visible? How does the DNA appear now?
What are the 5 steps of gel electrophoresis?
When we hook up the red and black cords, which color is closest to the wells that hold the DNA?
Is the DNA positive or negative in charge?

What were the results of the DNA Forensics activity? Explain in terms of the results that you obtained and how the results are "read". Remember, this is chromatography and we are separating out DNA strands through the use of electricity.