Activity 1: Candy Classification

Use the dichotomous key below and classify each of the candies with their scientific name.
Answer the following questions on your wiki page (create a heading using Heading 1 and titled Candy Classification):
1. What is the scientific name for each candy? (list these)
2. What are the advantages of having only 2 choices at each step instead of more? Be specific in your answer.
3. What problems did you encounter in classifying the candies? Be specific and discuss fully.
4. How did you resolve your problems in #3?
5. Do classification keys go from general to specific characteristics or from specific to general characteristics? Explain why.
6. What does the first and second part of the Latin name represent in the scientific name of the organism?
7. Research Carolus Linnaeus and his contribution to modern classification.
8. Why are common names for organisms confusing (why scientific names are better than common names?) Give an example of common names of an organism.
9. What is a dichotomous key? (define)
10. What is binomial nomenclature? (define)
11. Briefly describe how classification has changed before and after Linnaeus. Discuss Aristotle and classification and how these are different to how we classify today.
12. List the order of classification groups from Kingdom down to species.

Collaborate on the researching of information for your answers - however, each person's answer should be in their own words and on their own page. Be creative - include pictures and unique ways to give your information (remember to rename your pictures if you use any.)