Initial activity

1. How/What do you feel about the white-tailed deer?
2. Describe a personal experience you have with white-tailed deer.
3. Do you feel that white-tailed deer are a problem (in your area)? Explain why you think they are a problem or why not a problem.
4. If you could choose an action plan to manage the white-tailed deer, what would it be and why?

Preparing for Debate

Town Council President
Professional Wildlife Biologist
Conservation Association
Animal Welfare Association
Citizens for Biodiversity
Park Officials
Homeowners Association

View the proposals for debate

White-tailed deer debate footage

Vote totals



Assignment: Letter to the editor

Write a letter to the editor about the method to control the deer you would choose and why. Your letter to the editor should be on your wiki page with a heading of Letter to Editor (make sure you use heading 1 style)
Include these words somewhere in your writing (use them correctly):
Biodiversity, herbivore, conservation, habitat, overpopulation, ecosystem, overbrowsing, keystone species.

Use the following document to write down important information from the proposals

White-tailed deer voices (what do you think?)

Guest speakers

10/8/08 Mr. Wehrle, Mayor of Punxsutawney

10/9/08 Mr. Giroskey, Conservation Officer