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Welcome to Science For Living. In this class we will be exploring environmental issues and concerns that affect our way of living. In today's world, we need to understand the biology, ecology, and economy of factors that affect us in order to make good choices.

Team/student pages:

Students, please keep your wiki page and your team's pages clean. I am looking for the following:
  1. Use of anchors or a table of contents to organze what you have. Use links for quick access to material rather than scrolling down. Cross-link to other material such as the original assignment, or info on another page.
  2. Separate your sections of information with lines, headings, etc. (using a table of contents will already require you to use heading 1 - remember to use the wikispaces widget for Table of Contents first).
  3. Organize your information and pictures.
  4. Team pages should follow the above as well as having links to individual team members pages near the top of the page.