Acid Rain

Effects on Plants

• Effect on plants is the leaves turn yellow.
• Plants wouldn’t be able to make food: Photosynthesis doesn’t work.
• Plants will die.

What is Acid Rain?

• Rain with a PH below normal
• Ph scale: 1-14. 7 is in the middle: Strong bases are 14’s. Lemon juice and battery acid are 2/1, respectively.

Sources of acid rain

• Burning gas, oil, and coal.
• Burning those gives off NO2 and SO2’s, mixes with water in the clouds, then the wind moves it. When they reach, nitric acid and sulphuric acid are produced.
• Two types: Dry Deposition and Wet Deposition. Dry means it doesn’t mix with water, it just falls down to earth. Wet deposition is our acid rain. It mixes with the water to make either rain or snow.

Why is it an international issue?

• Acid rain is both an international and state issue.
• Three biggest countries for fault are USA, Great Britain, and China. Germany also
• We aren’t very affected, but those to the east of us are.


• Crop production falls.
• Acid in the rivers and lakes kills fish.
• Buildings and stone erode
• Huge stands of trees die.

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