Making long web addresses into short ones:

A cool collaborative whitespace:

Making a poster

Drawing on pictures (is collaborative too)

Making a panoramic picture

Creating a visual of words in an assignment:

Creating a map with your own points:

Sharing and embedding documents:

Storytelling a project:

Draw in web pages, powerpoints and other resources into a recorded video you create:

Fun widgets

Creating surveys:

Highlight and annotate documents to share with others:

Text to speech

Create an inspiration type document online:

How to sites:

Different search tools:

Flickr picture search

Scheduling for a group:

Pros and cons for debate topics:

Sending large files to someone:

Photo Hosting/Sharing/Editors

SmugMug - SmugMug is a photo uploader, editor, and community portal all in one. You can upload and share your photos, then store the photos with up to four backup.
Flickr - The most popular photo sharing site. Upload photos, create sets and join one of the greatest communities of professional and unprofessional photographers.
Picasa - Google’s answer to photo sharing. The main application is a download, but there are also web albums.
Lunapic - animate your pics
Picnik - Photo editor with many interesting features which is directly connected to many photo sharing sites.
ToonDoo - Use this site to create your own cartoons.
BeFunky – Use this site to create fun pictures of yourself and others.
Dumpr – Use this site to create fun pictures of yourself and others.
PhotoBucket – Upload photos and share.

Image Mashups and Fun Stuff

Flickr Logo Maker - Turns any text into a Flickr-style logo.
Spell with Flickr - this tool enables you to write text in letters based off Flickr images. Can emebd in website.
Captioner - adds comic-style captions to your images.
Bubblr – Add bubbles, captions etc…to your pic
FD's Flickr toys: Lots of fun things to use with pics….make a magazine cover of your students.
create a talking avatar of yourself.
DoppelMe – Create an avatar of yourself…a lot of files. It runs slower than Voki.
online version of Kidpix.
Cool Text – create cool banners, text, buttons etc…for a title page
Wordle - create a banner (word clouds) with text.

ImageChef - put pictures in signs, movies, campaign posters...all kinds of templates.
Flaming Text – add cool fonts…
Marquee Text - Scrollling Text
3D Textmaker – add cool fonts…..
Glitterize Your Text – add cool fonts…..
Bigoo - glitterize your text and backgrounds

Class Tools – embed timelines, graphs, diagrams etc….
In Microsoft Word, you can also create cool pics and fonts to be used on your wiki. You can also save a TuxPaint drawing as a JPEG and put on your wiki.

Photo Mixing and Slideshows

Slide - create slideshows easily and embed them on your site or social networking profile.
RockYou - offers several free services, including slideshow creation, photo hosting, photo enhancement and more.
Scrapblog - An online service that lets you upload your photos from many of the popular photo sharing websites and mash them up with hundreds of stickers, shapes, text and YouTube videos to create a digital scrapbook.
Vuvox - Vuvox lets you create online animated and interactive slideshows using a range of effects, theme templates and designs.
Mixercast - Mixercast lets you mashup your photos and movies into animated, interactive slide shows and throws in a good library of stock photo, video and licensed music to use as a soundtrack.
Flektor - Flektor has a great set of tools for adding transitions, text, stickers, effects and overlays into movies made out of your photos and online videos
One True Media – slideshow, video, and photos….
Animoto - slideshow, video, and photos….this site chooses how your pictures will be shown


Edublogs – Create a blog to link to your Wiki
Posterous - You can create a blog from your email. Just email


Slideshare SlideShare is a cool place to host and share presentations. Upload all your slide decks, and find / download interesting presentations.
Splashcast SplashCast enables anyone to create streaming media 'channels' that combine video, music, photos, narration, text and RSS feeds. These user-generated channels can be played and easily syndicated on any web site, blog, or social network page. When channel owners modify their channel, their content is automatically updated across all the web pages 'tuned' to that channel
– Share slides
Voice Thread
– Share slides, pictures….has voice cabablities

Video Hosting Sites

Surveys, Polls and Tests

Zoomerang – create a survey
Survey Monkey – create surveys etc.
Poll Daddy – create a survey or poll
MyStudiyo –Embed a quiz, test, survey online…really great.

Widgets, Counters, and Games

Widget Box
Yahoo Widgets
Google Widgets
Show Yourself
Add This