Objective: Using google maps and google earth, we will research and create a tour of an assigned biome for others to view.

Our questions:
What Biomes exist in the world?
What animals or plants would you want to see if you could visit one of the biomes?
What about these?

Project assignment:

Biome preservation project

Introduction: A new museum is being built that will showcase the biomes/microbiomes of the world for others to admire. You are charged with proposing items to be collected, saved, and displayed from a given biome. Your purpose is not only what you have identified but also why you chose it (value need, etc.). Extensive research needs to be completed in order to come to a valid choice. All references must be provided.

Biomes to be explored: Use these links for your page. Place all your information there as well as the links to the information. Remember the copyright rules and if you are unsure, you need to ask first. Remember to attribute the pictures to the user name. Information about copyright is found here (read the highlighted areas.) Your information will then be used to create the google map/earth layer.

Complete biome information compiled in one file:
  1. Freshwater stream/river
  2. Freshwater lake/pond
  3. Riparian (river bed)
  4. [[Deep ocean|Deep ocean/hydrothermal vent
  5. [[Pelagic zone - ocean|Pelagic zone - ocean]]
  6. Neritic zone - ocean
  7. Continental shelf (ocean)
  8. Coral reef
  9. African Desert
  10. North American Desert
  11. Arctic Tundra
  12. European Taiga
  13. North American Taiga (Boreal Forest)
  14. South American Tropical rainforest
  15. African Tropical Rainforest
  16. Central American Rainforest
  17. Temperate rainforest - North American Rainforest
  18. North American Grassland
  19. African Savannah (Grassland)
  20. Australian Savannah (Grassland)
  21. Deciduous Forest
  22. Estuary
  23. Coniferous Forest
  24. European Forest and Grassland
  25. Asian Forest and Grassland
  26. Mediterranean Forest and Grassland

Information needed for project:
All of your information will be first placed on a spreadsheet. You can hand write or place on wiki. It will be transferred to a google doc that will automatically place on google earth for you (hopefully.) Alternately, we will show you how to make placemarks another way.

What it looks like is found below the information needed.
  1. 5 animals (explain the niche/levels in a food chain for each) - use row b2 - b6 to enter animals - title with the name of the animal, paragraph 1 gives the information about the animal, paragraph 2 gives the adaptations of the animal.
  2. 5 plants (explain the niche/levels in a food chain for each) - use row b7 - b11 to enter plants - title with the name of the plant, paragraph 1 gives the information about the plant, paragraph 2 gives the adaptations of the plant.
  3. Adaptations for each of the animals and plants from 1 and 2 (that allow it to survive the biome)
  4. 2 extinct or endangered organisms that from the biome and reasons for their extinction/endangerment - use row b12 - b13. Title with the name of the animal/plant, paragraph 1 gives the information about the animal/plant, paragraph 2 gives the reasons for extinction/endangerment of the animal/plant.
  5. What is the keystone species in your biome? use row b14. Title with the name of the animal/plant, paragraph 1 gives the information about the animal/plant, paragraph 2 gives the reasons for it being a keystone species.
  6. Background information about the biome. use row b15. Title with the name of the biome, paragraph 1 gives the information about the biome, paragraph 2 gives additional information including climate.
  7. Example of unique characteristics or landforms (can be pictures, etc.) Use row b16. Discuss in two paragraphs and include one picture.
  8. Examples of ways humans have exploited the biome through destruction of land or using animals/plants found there (economical). Use row b17. Discuss in two paragraphs and include one picture.
  9. Examples of agricultural in the biome - discuss crops grown and type of soil they have. Use row b18. Discuss in two paragraphs and include one picture.
  10. Tourist attractions (natural or man made). Use row b19. Discuss in two paragraphs and include one picture.
  11. Examples of conservation efforts being used in the biome. Use row b20. Discuss in two paragraphs and include one picture.
  12. Other animals in the biome that you considered for your top 5. Use row b21.
  13. You will create placemarks in your map about the above information. Be careful to pay attention to where a specific animal or plant may be placed in the biome. You will enter the city or latitude/longitude in the correct place on the map.

Finding latitude and longitude: http://www.satsig.net/maps/lat-long-finder.htm On the right side of the page is a place to enter a city and a country. When you click enter, underneath the map on the left side of the screen will be a latitude and longitude (use the top line.)

What questions should we ask to get the best information for our project?

Spreadsheet for adding your information:

Spreadsheet example to place information:
You will be graded upon your participation in your team, your use of discussions, as well as the final product. Your final product can use videos and pictures (anything taken off of the web must be copyright free – using wikipedia and linking to the article and flickr creative commons is highly suggested.). Your final format can be an iMovie, powerpoint, keynote or other format suitable for a proposal. The final product must contain all background information, the plants and animals chosen, their adaptations, and the reasoning for your choice.

Questioning: The questions that you created in order to complete the project will be graded as well a the search for answers.
Progress report sheet – Will track resources used, progress, what you have learned, what you still need to learn, what gaps are in the knowledge external image msword.png Project Progress Report.doc
Checklist of items to find - external image msword.png Checklist for biome preservation project.doc
Discussion assessment - external image msword.png discussion or blog rubric.doc
Product rubric - external image msexcel.png Biome preservation project rubric.xls

Links to get you started:






What questions or issues do you have? Use this as inquiry research project.