This is our Medaka Team Page. Throughout this page you will see our medaka egg, "Evgeni" grow until he has hatched. You will also learn the parts of our medaka egg.

Day One

Our fish, Evgeni.

We believe Evgeni is in stage 21 (36 hours) "Pericardial Cavity and Optic Cup" Stage.

Day Two

You can see Evgeni's heart beat and blood flow.

We believe Evgeni is in stage 24 (52 hours) "Beginning Circulation" stage.

Day Three

You can see his heart beat, and blood flow. His blood is pink now.

We believe Evgeni is in stage 27 (62 hours) "Pectoral Fin Blood" stage.

Day Four

Our little guy is almost ready to hatch!

Our fish is in stage 29 (84 hours) "Viteline Veins Sinous" stage.

Day Five

Morning: Baby Evgeni is almost ready to hatch!

The baby fish is in stage 35 (200 hours) "Spleen and mouth" stage.

Baby Evgeni finally hatched!!!!

The fish is in stage 36 (264 hours), the "HATCHING" stage.

Once he hatched he began to swim around, and flap his fins.

We hope that you have learned about embroyology through this page.

Our Story

One day in a little tank far, far away in Russia lived a little Japanese Medaka Egg, named Evgeni. Evgeni had many little brothers, and a best friend named Sidney (boy). Sidney and Evgeni’s eggs were right next to each other so they were the best of friends. In their eggs they used to dream about playing little fishy games with each other.

Every single day, Little Evgeni started to get bigger and bigger. On the first day you could see his filaments outside of his egg, the oil globules, and chorions. When Evgeni started to grow each day he developed his eyes. On the second day he developed a heartbeat, and blood flow. Little Evgeni started to get excited because he knew that he would be hatched soon. On day four Evgeni’s blood flow turned pink. That meant that he was almost ready to hatch. Little Evgeni started to get excited because he knew that him and Sidney would be able to play sometime soon.

When little Evgeni turned 200 hours old, the big day was here, and he hatched! Sidney hatched shortly after him, along with his little brothers Kris, Jordan, Chris, Marc-Andre, Billy, Ruslan, Brooks, Rob, Mark, Petr, Maxime, Pascal, Tyler, Sergei, Hal, and Miroslav. The little Medaka fish wanted to play a game, but they didn’t know what, so they decided to play the game of hockey. They started the NMFHL (National Mini Fish Hockey League), and they started to play against other fish families in the fish tank. They called themselves the Pittsburgh Minis. They enjoyed playing hockey and became rivals with the Philadelphia Nemos.

The Pittsburgh Minis turned out to be the best hockey team, and they went on to win the Fish Bowl Cup. The Pittsburgh Minis are still playing hockey to this day.

When we got our medaka egg we estimated that it was older than the rest of the eggs due to the fact that he was larger and he looked more developed. We estimated that he was on stage 20 or higher. On the second day we noted that you were able to see the blood flow, and the heartbeat was very visable which made us suggest that our egg was on stage 27 or higher. by day five we could see basicly the whole inside of the egg and were able to locate body parts and see them working this was on stage 35.

Our labeled pictures

original pic by Sam and Shaina
original pic by Sam and Shaina